Easy way to upload History Clinic Records
    just simple scanning Horse Bar-Codes
    and vaccines vendors bar-codes

  • Have your Horses on Your Hands

    Breeders APP is designed to work with both
    iPhone and Android devices.
    This APP allows you to work with or with out internet access,
    and is easy to synchronize with the cloud.

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    Easy access

    From any device with internet access,
    desktop, laptop,
    Android and Apple device,
    tablets and smart-phones.

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    Modern Horse Management tool

    Full web-based,
    not installed on PC
    accessible from any terminal any time.

  • Easy to use and easy navigation

    A user-friendly tool,
    intuitive menus
    with different levels of access to information, of your horses

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    Save time and money

    Access to your data from anywhere,
    any device and location
    Multiple users access and modify
    the contents intelligently.

Tailor-made Plans from US$ 9,99 / month- Annual Plans - Perpetual Licenses

Experience the difference.

Breeders APP is a working, control and communication tool for horse farms, clubs and breeders. At the forefront of technology, uses a system based on internet (cloud), allowing all system users to access the information dynamically and accessing updated information from anywhere at any time and from any computing device

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    Technique Record by Product


    Get the full record of your horse with an excellent design and a single click.
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    Your information on the Cloud


    Your information is stored and protected on the network, being accessible from anywhere.
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    Wherever you are


    24x7 search availability with or without Internet access to their breeding horses data.

System Features

No need to have information from your horses in books, notebooks or excel sheets or in different files. You can now have access to all your data located in one place and from any location and from any PC or mobile device.

Do queries of your horses, check the activities, and manage everything of your horse farm or organization/place at any time from any-place. Download your product information and show it to potential customers on real time basis.

Breeders APP is constantly evolving and innovating with new features adding new modules based on the suggestions of the leading breeders, which makes our system the most versatile tool in the market.

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    Reports and Statistics

    Get vital information reports and executive consultations through the system.
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    A tool easy to use, all data is shown in very graphic displays. This allows access to information, queries and reports without any experience.
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    Clinic History

    Have the health books information, vaccines, shoehorse, trimming, analysis, x-rays and echographers in one place. Everything is kept in the records of medical history.
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    Decrease Costs

    Reduce the controls costs of managing your breeding, with reports, monitored and updated records in one place.
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    100% web mobile

    Programming interface 100% responsive, it makes the information visible at all screens size from a PC, Notebook, Smart-phone, PDAs, etc.
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    Groups and Movements

    Have organized your horses in groups for ease of use. Organize your lots. Record all movements and generate electronic delivery remits of your mass movements.
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    Automatic Reminders

    System automatically generate automatics emails to the users and reminders for scheduled and past due activity.
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    Health Book

    Check the current status of the health book of your horse shots, their due dates, their location and existence for each product of your breeding.

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    Recipients and Embryos

    Manage your data receiving and embryos quickly and safely and follow the vaccination plan thereof as well as their movements and transfers remits

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    Export and Data Files Repository

    Export to Excel and save all your data files to share with colleagues and users of the system in a common repository.

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    Different levels of access by user type and through the use of keys, keep your data safely. Backup in the cloud protect your data to avoid losses.
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    Multiples Users

    It allows you to configure multiple users with three different levels of access. Create and distribute access within your organization depending on the type of task they perform (Administrators - Veterinarians - users read-only).